Ketley and Overdale update from Cllr Joy Francis

The end of 2017 had the usual issues within the ward. Parking and Housing were high up on the list of subjects raised; where appropriate these have been passed to officers at T&W and WHT and will be followed up as required.


Madeley and Sutton Hill Ward update

December was a busy month and I have been working with Senior Citizens Forum and we are looking at having conversations about how “Age Friendly Telford” is currently and how it could be improved.

Priorslee Ward Update

December had the usual issues, but with the bad weather a review of the grit bins across the parish is taking place.


During regular ward walks problem footpaths and a fallen tree have been reported to the relevant council officers and we will follow this up.


Ketley and Overdale update from Cllr John Ashofrd

“Fly tipping has been a major issue for residents since I was first elected. My Cleaning up the Ward Campaign has been a huge success and now I am finding less and less fly tipping and much more of a tidy community.

Conservatives: Supporting our NHS

NHS staff are doing a fantastic job to make sure that people get the treatment they need – especially at this time of year when it’s extremely busy. And here’s some of the things we’re doing in government to support our NHS.

Conservatives: housing the nation

Want to know what we're doing on housing? From building new houses to helping the homeless, here's 5 things you should know about what we're doing to help everyone have a place to call their own.

Conservative Councillors welcome Strategic Vision for Rail

The Secretary of State for Transport’s “Connecting people: a Strategic Vision for Rail” was yesterday released by the government.  The document details the government’s plans to bring the organisations that run the track and the trains closer together to deliver better services for passengers, op