Ward Councillor Jayne Greenaway welcomes additional funding for her residents.


Since the recent announcement from Telford and Wrekin Council to commit £500,000 to Lawley and Lightmoor there has been mixed reaction from residents living in these areas. It is not yet confirmed how, where and when exactly this funding will be allocated as many parts of Lawley and Lightmoor developments are still under construction by house builders.


Parts of Lawley and Lightmoor are home to some of the newest estates within the borough, with 3,550 homes in progress for Lawley and around 1,000 homes for Lightmoor. Residents in some of the new estates currently pay both council tax to Telford and Wrekin Council and a stewardship fee or maintenance charge to Bournville Village Trust.


Councillor Jayne Greenaway said:


“I welcome the additional funding from Telford and Wrekin Council however all stakeholders involved must work together for the benefit of our communities.”


“Many of the builds within Lawley and Lightmoor are maintained by private companies separate to BVT. Will these other management companies be invited into the discussions and decision making process?”


“We need to remember that BVT and new build residents only make up a portion of those living in and around Lawley and Lightmoor. There needs to be a truly representative body for all voices to be heard.”


Jayne’s ongoing work can be followed here.