Priorlsee Ward Update from Cllrs Ian and Veronica Fletcher

We continue to hold regular surgeries at Lakeside Plant Centre, please come along if you have anything you want to discuss with us.


Inconsiderate parking around the schools continues to be an issue we are continually chasing up and will continue to monitor.


Traffic and speeding are among the issues raised with us. The relevant council officer will speak to Ricoh re its traffic. Speed Indicator Devices have been installed on Priorslee Avenue and Castle Farm Way.


Building Contractor issues from a number of suites have been raised. Lovells Saturday start times and road cleaning have both been reported to the Enforcement officer and will be monitored. Footpaths being obstructed by the site at the shops on Gatecombe way has been resolved by the fencing being moved. The fight to save the hedgerows was lost at planning.


A meeting has been held with TWC officers and the Parish Council and it has been agreed to look at a joint project to replace the Priorslee Clock on Priorslee Avenue.


A thank you to TWC who made sure the Grit Bins were replenished quickly after being reported empty.