Plan to enhance and preserve the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site for generations to come

As a World Heritage Site, there is a legal requirement to have a Management Plan in place to oversee the conservation and protection of the Site’s unique qualities while supporting the local community and businesses. 


The Ironbridge Gorge Heritage Site Management Plan and Conservation Area Management Plan seeks approval by Telford & Wrekin Cabinet on 20th April.  


The plan seeks to safeguard the unique heritage and character of the Gorge to strengthen and support the living and working community. 


Cllr Nicola Lowery, Ward Member for the Ironbridge Gorge said: “Protecting and strengthening the vision for the WHS is one of key principles which underpins the Management Plan.  Having been involved in shaping the Management Plan it is fantastic to see the final draft and partner organisations working closely together, in conjunction with the different communities within the WHS, to ensure that the interests and aspirations of local residents and businesses shape the plan which sets out a vision for the Gorge.


“The Management Plan seeks to preserve the cultural assets of the Gorge's to include the conservation of its buildings, monuments and the landscape and to ensure the protection of the Outstanding Universal Values of the World Heritage Site.  However, it is vital we also look to enhance and engage with the living and working community that also  significantly define and contribute to the vibrancy of the WHS.


“The Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Management Plan provides an agreed framework for its management and sets a vision for the future.  However, it is important that the plan is a living, working document that also harnesses the opportunities that exist and identifies the potential to strengthen our economic and physical infrastructure.  The plan reinforces this potentiality by outlining an action strategy for the Gorge and acknowledges the opportunity of the Ironbridge Power Station to greatly improve the destination offering and strengthen our economic outlook for the region for generations to come”.