Madeley Town Councillor Marcus MacLean Attacks 32% Precept Rise, Proposes Councillor Salary Cut

Marcus MacLean, the sole Conservative on Madeley Town Council, has hit out at the decision by the Labour majority to raise precepts (the portion of council taxes which are paid indirectly by residents to the Town Council) by 32% this year.  

It follows a 31% rise in precepts last year.  

The tax rise was approved at the most recent full council meeting on the 9th of January.  Every Labour member voted in favour of the rise, and Mr MacLean voted against.

Commenting, Marcus said, “This is very disappointing news.  In these times of straitened budgets, a certain level of increase may be understandable.  However, the scale of these rises – more than 30% for two consecutive years – is shocking.  Nothing has been done to address the fundamental problems which are driving these rises, foremost among which is irresponsible overspending by the Labour majority and inefficient management of our operations and projects.  

“I was elected on a platform of financial responsibility and am determined to continue to oppose these Labour tax increases.  However, it is clear that the only way to really change things is to elect a Conservative majority to Madeley Town Council at the next elections in two years’ time.

“In the meantime, I have proposed a 25% reduction in our councillors’ allowance (salary).  It is important that we demonstrate to our constituents that we are prepared to make sacrifices ourselves if we expect them to pay such exorbitant rises.”

If accepted for debate, the salary cut motion will be voted on at the next council meeting on March 6th.