Madeley and Sutton Hill Ward update

December was a busy month and I have been working with Senior Citizens Forum and we are looking at having conversations about how “Age Friendly Telford” is currently and how it could be improved. Age UK have been pushing Age Friendly towns looking at transportation, housing, respect and social inclusion, social participation and communication and information plus a few more topics. We need your views on this and we could open out to younger population as well – which could include outdoor spaces, employment etc.


One issue which came up in December and not just from Madeley and Sutton Hill was when the snow hits like it did over those three days and roads and pavements are not cleared. This impacts on all ages across the ward but again especially hits the elderly who may find it hard to get about and even to go to the shops to get food. T & W Council do have snow wardens and these are the personnel to contact in the first instance. If you do not know who your snow warden is contact T&W and they will put you in touch.


Cllr David Wright