Lucy visits Telford Construction Centre

Lucy Allan today visited the Telford Construction Centre to talk to young people learning construction skills.

Lucy was invited to the Centre by their mentor and trainer, Dave Perry. Lucy had a tour of the site and learning centre and then met with trainees. Lucy said: "I am really impressed with the work that is being done here. Young people are being given the tools for success and learning vital skills which will enable them to get started in the workplace."

The students Lucy met were doing a Level 2 diploma, learning plastering, bricklaying and roofing as well as building up their Maths and English skills. 

"Getting young unemployed into apprenticeship or training is a big issue for us in Telford. Organisations like the Telford Construction Centre are giving young people hope and opportunity. This is an issue I really care about. The group were very lively and engaging, they had a real interest in the political process and in shapping their community."