The Future of the Former Ironbridge Power Station

Councillors lead the way on the future of the former Ironbridge Power Station

A meeting recently took place between the Leader of Shropshire Council Cllr Peter Nutting and the Ward Member for the Ironbridge Gorge Cllr Nicola Lowery to discuss the future of the former Ironbridge Power Station. The former Power Station resides within the Severn Valley division and sits within the jurisdiction of Shropshire Council. Since the power stations ceased generation in November 2015 the site has received significant national and local interest.

The meeting was arranged to discuss the future of the site, given the reassurance from both Council’s to ensure a responsible use that benefits the wider region. A number of areas were discussed within the meeting regarding Uniper’s prior approval application, the demolition of the site and its future use.

Peter Nutting said after the meeting: “Shropshire Council has included the former Ironbridge Power Station within our Economic Growth Strategy for 2017 – 2021 demonstrating our commitment to securing a prosperous future use and to ensure we continue to work closely with key stakeholders and capitalise on the opportunities arising from the redevelopment of this site. It was extremely beneficial to meet with Cllr Lowery to discuss the future of this former power station, better explore its potential and how we as Members can work together to ensure the best outcome for this important site. This includes looking at a possibility of a Supplementary Planning Document to ensure there is a planning framework in place to provide guidance for future development”.

Nicola Lowery, Ward Member for the Ironbridge Gorge said: “It was fantastic to meet with the Leader of Shropshire Council to discuss the vision for the site and to explore the proposal of a supplementary planning document. This would assist in ensuring that the potential of the site is better understood by developers and will ensure a proactive approach to planning guidance, to inform any future development of the many opportunities that exist within the site, once a buyer is identified. Given the scale, complexity and diversity of this site it is important that we consider a framework to inform the master planning process. I was greatly encouraged to hear that Shropshire are equally in support of ensuring a considered and appropriate development that utilises and builds on the opportunities that exist within this strategic site and its inclusion within the Shropshire Council’s Economic Growth Strategy.

“The meeting with Cllr Nutting was extremely beneficial and look forward to continuing to work closely both with Shropshire Council and Telford & Wrekin Council to ensure we achieve an exemplary development for this site. I have always maintained my support of a heritage rail link into the site and it was fantastic to discuss these wider proposals to maintain and safeguard the rail infrastructure with the Leader of Shropshire Council in addition to the importance of considering the social, physical and economic infrastructure that will be required as part of any proposals that come forward”