The Association Officers for 2016/17 are:

President - Cllr Veronica Fletcher

Chairman - Dr Shailendra Allen

Deputy Chairman Political - Rob Cadman

Deputy Chairman Membership - Harvey Unwin

Fundraising Officer - Sheenagh Unwin

Treasurer - Alan Scott

Local Government Officer - Cllr Ian Fletcher 

You can follow Telford MP Lucy Allan on Twitter or on Facebook at Lucy Allan for Telford.

About Us

Welcome to Telford Conservatives. Together with Telford's MP, Lucy Allan and our local Conservative councillors, we are working hard to deliver a strong Conservative voice for Telford. 

We believe in individual responsibility, less state control, a culture of free enterprise, helping people help themselves, minimum red tape, a strong economy, responsible government spending, efficient and effective local services and firm law and order policies to provide a secure and safe country for all.

See here to find out what Lucy believes conservatism is about.

In 2015 Lucy Allan won the Telford Constituency by 730 votes after a hard fought, positive campaign. Lucy's victory helped deliver a Conservative Government - the first in 18 years.

If you want to help us turn Telford blue at a Council level as well as a Parliamentary one, please do get in touch.

This website features articles and events to support our causes:

  • news about the work of Conservatives in the Telford area
  • a diary of events offered by Telford Conservatives
  • keep up to date with what local Conservatives think on policy issues
  • a list of our borough and parish councillors, officers and contacts
  • links to local sources of information
  • and a means of contacting us to let us know your views and how to become a member